Can I pray for you?

After dinner with Caroline last evening, I went to the used book store in Mountain View. While I was browsing through the pottery books, a young woman approached me.

“Hi, my name is Anna. Do you have any pain?”
“Excuse me?”
“Do you have any pain?”
“Yes! Pain from my yoga class.” I said that half jokingly.
“Can I pray for me?”
“Excuse me?!”
“I saw you there and I felt I need to pray for you. Can I?”

Ok…I told myself, one of those things…What does she really want? I took a close look at her. Slightly loose pony tail, Stanford sweatshirt. Her eyes are clear. She was not smiling but she did not have any frantic look on her either.

“Sure.” I said. “Does it bother you if I am not religious?”
“Not at all. Can I hold your hands?” It seemed that she was eager to get the job done.

Her hands were cold. She reached out to mine, closed her eyes and said quietly,
“Lord, please relieve this woman of her yoga pain…I’m sure she is a nice woman…please let her find your way…Amen.”
“Thank you! How do you feel that you need to pray for me?”
“I just felt.”
“How often do you feel like this during the day?”
“Oh, it is just something coming out of me.”
“Well, thank you again.”

Before I left the store, I got a glimpse of her looking around.

I got home around 8pm, sat on the sofa, watching movie and waiting to chat with Mickey in China. The next thing I knew was that I had been sleeping on the sofa for two hours. At half past ten I was extremely sleepy. I got myself to bed and slept through 6:30am this morning.

The pain is still there, but I do feel refreshed :-).


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