grow! grow!

Last year in May, I was digging holes in the garden for days to plant the tomatoes. Rose brought me three Italian varieties, originated from the very plants her auntie “smuggled” from Italy on a plane.

The whole summer saw me struggling with the poor soil and bugs. Tomatoes grew wild and I ended up supporting the vine with an old chair. All the leafy vegetables I tried fed only the bugs. Cucumbers needed “arranged marriage” through a paint brush. Despite all the difficulties that a novice grower had to go through, I did harvest. Nothing can beat the fresh vegetables right off the plant!

The somehow painful experience proved to be useful to my friends Yang and Fan, who recently bought their first house with a beautiful garden. And today happened to the hottest day we haven’t had for a long time. Two hours, three tomatoes, two peppers, one eggplant, and one basil, all planted and blessed.

The lucky couple also have a small farm right across the street. The field was lined with bright flowers. I asked the girl at the stand whether they were intentional. “They are wild flowers.” she said, “Would you like to pick up some?”

“Of course!”

I went home with these beauties, as well as the fresh rosemary and lemons from Y&F’s garden.

Finally it feels like summer. Grow! Grow!


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