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Advertise on the social network the socialist way

Day 1 – I watched Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A love story. Takeaway: democratize economy, share the wealth.
Day 2 – I was at an Adobe/Omniture event, listening Facebook talking about advertising. I asked, “What the control layer for users to opt out? What % of users opted out?” “Users can’t opt out of ads. Sorry I don’t have the percentage.” I can see this was a popular question.

At that moment, I got it. The only sensible way to use my friends’ network for advertising is that I, as a content generator, viral marketer, signed member, get a cut of that advertising revenue! For example, I was at beach, drinking a beer, looking out at the sea (just an example, in reality I can’t drink :-). I took a photo of the beer in my hand, with the blue sea and sunny sky as the background, posted it on FB, wrote – “enjoy a beer at beach”. Right after I updated my status, a small button appeared next to the photo, the message next to the button read, “Hello, you posted a picture of beer brand X. Would you like to link this picture to its product page? As a result, you will earn $0.25 FB buck for each click you generate.” What would I most likely do? Yes. What’s better than drinking a beer at beach while letting the machine generate some cash? No-brainer. If I’m earning money this way, I can’t complain about all the ads targeted at me because of the personal information I provided.

call it social advertising. crowd-sourced ads.