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You know you’re in Zurich when

  • The sparkling water is called “fuzzy”, while the still water is “silenced”.
  • It took you 10 minutes to figure out how the gym locker works. A coin is hidden inside. Insert the coin into a slide to activate the lock. Then lock from outside and take the key on a wrist band with you.
  • Water cooler dispenses water at room temperature, icy cold, as well as fuzzy.
  • Nobody checks the ticket on short-distance trains.
  • Dollar worth less.
  • Everyone dresses up for dinner.
  • Gentlemen help the ladies with their coats.
  • Chinese stir-fried rice from a small take-away costs close to $20.
  • You hear birds singing outside the office window. In US you’re surrounded by the parking lots.
  • The train is packed, clean, and on time.
  • Sunday shopping? No way. You’ll be lucky to find a restaurant open.
  • Riders “park” their horses outside the bar, and have a beer.
  • Smart car does not look ridiculous anymore.
  • Hotel left this note on my bed. “Ideas should be clear, and chocolate thick.”
  • Dried meats are tasty. So is boiled egg.