Entrepreneur on a notebook – a real weapon detector

I am old fashioned in the way that I read printed book; and carry a notebook with me. When ideas came to me sitting in a restaurant, on the train, or on a ship going around Galapagos islands, I wrote them down. This is one of the entries.

A real weapon detector

A California teenage were shot dead by police who mistook his replica gun for real assault weapon. Firstly, we can’t ask every policeman to stay calm and carefully assess the situation as such when their own lives may be on the line. Secondly, we can’t stop teenage doing silly things which sometimes may even cost their lives. Yet, in this technologically advanced era, why can’t a real weapon be easily differentiated from a fake one? Can all guns be manufactured with a chip built in which sends out signal to a receiver installed on all police forces’ weapons. A loud beep and flash lights indicate a real weapon is in presence. Of course there will be malfunctions and false detections. No technology is perfect, but it’s better than guessing. The signal emission challenge a gun manufacturer will face is no different from any “internet of things” manufacturers – source of power, battery life, retro fitting, proximity…I would imagine this is as real problem to solve as making our house anticipating our needs.



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