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AppNation – Day 1

Gavin Newsom (SF Mayor) – developers making apps based on the government data are doing government work without government money, thus helping to solve the budget deficit. SF has an initiative of making more such data available online. He also solicited the development of a campaign app for the run of Lieutenant Governor.


Advertise on the social network the socialist way

Day 1 – I watched Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A love story. Takeaway: democratize economy, share the wealth.
Day 2 – I was at an Adobe/Omniture event, listening Facebook talking about advertising. I asked, “What the control layer for users to opt out? What % of users opted out?” “Users can’t opt out of ads. Sorry I don’t have the percentage.” I can see this was a popular question.

At that moment, I got it. The only sensible way to use my friends’ network for advertising is that I, as a content generator, viral marketer, signed member, get a cut of that advertising revenue! For example, I was at beach, drinking a beer, looking out at the sea (just an example, in reality I can’t drink :-). I took a photo of the beer in my hand, with the blue sea and sunny sky as the background, posted it on FB, wrote – “enjoy a beer at beach”. Right after I updated my status, a small button appeared next to the photo, the message next to the button read, “Hello, you posted a picture of beer brand X. Would you like to link this picture to its product page? As a result, you will earn $0.25 FB buck for each click you generate.” What would I most likely do? Yes. What’s better than drinking a beer at beach while letting the machine generate some cash? No-brainer. If I’m earning money this way, I can’t complain about all the ads targeted at me because of the personal information I provided.

call it social advertising. crowd-sourced ads.

Personalized advertising

The New York Times piece on Bynamite, a start up collecting, aggregating and potentially selling (on user’s behalf) their data to advertisers.

I think the direction is right. However, if a business model emerges from the venture, it means as an individual I can order and customize the advertisements targeted at me. Because I am more likely to response to these ads, it should make the advertiser’s ad spend more efficient. And I should be able to share the cost savings from the efficiency gain. Imagine turning the current affiliate program into an ad targeting and rewarding program. How to do it in scale?

There’re still exciting things happening in marketing

P&G Old Spice Man

eCommerce is too dry

“A big part of the success is its website, which is more like a living breathing fashion magazine than an eCommerce site.”

“Rather than using stock images from retailers, Gilt has its own in-house photo studio set up in its Brooklyn offices where it shoots models wearing different mixed and matched outfits .”

what a great way to help the poor

hand them the job, not just the money

How Samasource Helps The World

Web 2.0 to China

(Web 2.0 – is the term still being used? 😉

This reminds me of a pricey Tibetan herb – yartsa gunbu. The successful strategy is to grow within.